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We asked TED speakers, TED-Ed educators and TED Fellows: “What books would you bring with you to a desert island?” In their deliciously diverse responses, you’ll find there’s something for every kind of reader. When you’re hungry for advice and insight on a very important topic: You The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal…

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Good quality and free open-access journals on English language teaching

Duy Van vu

Continuing professional development (CPD) is crucial for English language teachers in such a changing world today. Keeping updated and making research-informed decisions are unquestionably required for English language teachers to improve their own teaching as well as students’ learning experience and outcomes. There are different ways for English language teachers to do so, such as going to conferences or reading books and journal articles; however, to do so could sometimes be quite costly, or even unaffordable for many teachers, especially those in underprivileged areas. Open-access journals seem to be among solutions to this issue, but it’s also tricky to find good quality ones because these days see an increasing number of predatory journals (i.e. journals without proper peer reviews and questionable quality that may not report reliable results). Therefore, a comprehensive list of good quality, free open-access journals for English language teachers seems necessary. There are few posts providing such…

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