Beyond the Blackout – How to start the real work of anti-racism

Slavery was bad, okay?

While #BlackOutTuesday was a lovely show of solidarity for one day, remember that if you truly believe that #BlackLivesMatter, your work doesn’t start and end with you changing your profile picture for a few hours or posting a neat slogan as your status.

Your anti-racist work is ongoing. It starts with you then spreads outwards. Claiming that you’re not racist isn’t enough, it never has been. It might give you a nice fuzzy feeling inside to think that you’re one of the good ones, but doing that absolves you of your responsibility to work towards dismantling racism.

Perhaps you don’t think that’s your job. That’s cool, but if that’s the case, then I’m afraid you aren’t as not racist as you thought, which is a terrible sentence on reflection – I’m not changing it though.

“Begin by just listening. This is probably the most important and useful thing you will…

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