Dave and George. Definitely strivers.


Let me introduce Dave and George.

George is a striver, and so is Dave. George, for example, strove so hard that before he was even born he’d managed to move into the womb of a woman who was married to a multi-millionaire aristocrat.

And Dave had, by the sweat of his brow, managed to issue from the loins of a multi-millionaire tax-avoiding stockbroker.

George Osborne evil George Osborne being nothing like a Dickensian villain.

They have worked for everything they’ve got. None of it has been handed to them on a plate. They are not scroungers.

After the hard work they put into being born to wealthy people, Dave and George both struggled to save enough money to go to Eton and St Paul’s. They managed to do this because, in their own parlance, they are strivers. Even at the age of 13 they were earning enough to pay the minimum £30,000 per…

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